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Christian History Research
Dr Graham McLennan
81 Woodward Street
Orange , NSW 2800
02 63619773

Verna Hall's and Rosalie Slater's books, as well as James Rose's The Guide and Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary (with a biblical worldview) are available in Australia from Light Educational Ministries.

Light Educational Ministries
Peter Frogley                          
ACT 2602

The Foundation for American Christian Education
Rosalie J. Slater
PO Box 9444
Chesapeake , VA 23321-9444
(804) 465-2598


Graham McLennan is a practising Dental Surgeon in Orange , NSW. In 1974, he studied under Dr Frances Schaeffer in L'Abri, Switzerland . Dr McLennan has served on the State Executive of a major political party, as well as leading a "Call to Australia " Senate team. He was Foundation Chairman of the Orange Christian School and served on the Executive of the 1988 National Gathering, the 1990 Aussie Easter, the 1993 Bicentenary of Christian Schooling Celebrations. Dr. McLennan is currently the Chairman of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders and Chairman of a Christian radio station (Radio Rhema) in Orange in central western New South Wales . Graham and his wife, Pam, founded the Christian History Research Institute, which has published two previous volumes to help Australians rediscover their Christian heritage. They have three children.



Graham McLennan, ed., Understanding Our Christian Heritage, volume 1 (1987). Price: (postage included)

Graham McLennan, ed., Understanding Our Christian Heritage, volume 2 (1989). Price:

The above two journals contain well researched and footnoted articles on our Christian heritage and of leading Australians and their faith.

Also available: George Mackaness, ed., Some Letters of Rev. Richard Johnson, B.A.: First Chaplain of New South Wales , Parts 1 and 2 (1954). Both volumes Price:

All four volumes. Price:

Forthcoming books by Elizabeth Kotlowski--A Teachers' Guide to Southland of the Holy Spirit: A Christian History of Australia, and possibly, a series of ten small biographies of famous Australians, suitable for grades 3 to 7. If interested, please send name and address to:

                        The Christian History Research Institute
                        81 Woodward St , Orange , NSW 2800, Australia
                        Phone: (02) 6362 6242 or Fax: (02) 6362 1040