Southland of the Holy Spirit Celebrations Vanuatu 14th May 2006

Santos Gathering Pic

An historic gathering of Christians has taken place in Vanuatu on 14 May, 2006, to celebrate the naming of the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit 400 years ago. The Vanuatu Government supported this momentus occasion and President Kalkot Mataskelekele spoke a personal message of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Vanuatuan President Pic
Vanuatu President Kalkot Mataskelekele speaks of forgiveness & reconciliation
The President of Vanuatu shared with the crowd on three themes:
  1. Preservation of Melanesian culture
  2. Honouring the Nation's close reliance on God
  3. Promoting Christian principles

President Mataskelekele also strongly endorsed the words spoken by former Prime Minister Edward Natapei when he spoke about repentence, reconciliation, renewal and transformation through Christ in the Nation. The original speech by Mr Natapei were spoken at the 2001 National Prayer Assembly.

All in attendance travelled from far and wide to make the final day where they listened to the overriding message - "In God We Stand". This truly was an occasion fitting for our mighty God!

The Matantas Chief was present and presented gifts to commemorate the occasion. Spanish and European representatives were delighted to receive these gifts as a sign of reconciliation and cleansing of the land. CLICK here to see newspaper story The Vanuatu Independent

A Communion Service was also conducted, celebrating the very first Communion Service on Vanuatu soil, 400 years ago by the Spanish explorers. Vanessa Quai marked the event with a beautiful rendition of Geoff Bullock's "Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit", including recent word changes, in front of dignitaries in Unity Park, Luganville.

The bust of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros was then transferred to Mantanas, Big Bay as a lasting tribute and recognition of the significant naming.

CLICK HERE to view the video (wmv, 4MB) produced by HCJB International. 

Select from the following two links to listen to two audio programmes on location by Eric Skattebo HCJB World Radio.Each 25 minutes in length:

FIRST HCJB Audio Programme
SECOND HCJB Audio Programme

Arise and Shine for the Light has come Isaiah 60:1
The Sanma Provincial Government and the People of Sanma Province welcome you to the 400 Years
Celebration Anniversary of La Australia Del Espiritu Santo The Great SouthernLand of the Holy Spirit

Dedication Prayer and Blessing after unveiling of De Quiros Memorial

De Quiros Commemorative Stamp Avaliable

Communion Service
Commemorating the First Communion Service on Vanuatu Soil 400 years ago

CLICK here to see newspaper story
 The Vanuatu Independent

Matantas Chief presents gifts to Spanish representatives

Flag pic
Gift of banner to Hogg Harbour by Pastor Ben Gray

YWAM dance pic

YWAM performance at Hogg Harbour

Singer pic
Vanessa Quai sings the recently changed words of Great South Land(s) of The Holy Spirit

Austalian Prayer Network Guests. Hogg Harbour, 13th May 2006