Unto God & Caesar


By Richard Ely

"The copyright owner of Unto God and Caesar  may be contacted at r.g.ely@utas.edu.au"

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PDF Conventions, recognitionists vs secularists
Chapter 1 PDF 1896 Churchmen at the Bathurst Convention
Chapter 2 PDF 1897 Cardinal Moran, Catholics
Chapter 3 PDF Council of Churches campaign, Protestant clerical movement, Seventh Day Adventists, Women's Christian Temperance Movement
Chapter 4 PDF Recognition issue at Adelaide (secularists)
Chapter 5 PDF Protestants fight back
Chapter 6 PDF Adventists persevere (religious liberty)
Chapter 7 PDF Debates in Colonial Legislatures over recognition
Chapter 8 PDF Recognitionists vs secularists
Chapter 9 PDF Disaster for Higgins over religious test
Chapter 10  PDF Glynn's triumph over recognition amendment
Chapter 11  PDF Commonwealth amendment on freedom of religion
Chapter 12  PDF Quick and Garran's account re Section 116 of Constitution
Chapter 13 PDF Referenda re recognition in constitution
Chapter 14  PDF Piety and precedence - Section 116, Sunday observance
Chapter 15  PDF God in the constitution
 Abbreviations Bibliography etc  PDF